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Montreal based singer/songwriter Samalong is on her way to making herself known for her silky vocals and warm tones with her last release “One Of A Kind.” Her sound is deeply influenced by Neosoul and R&B but her love of travel and culture have also heavily shaped her sonic development. The use of live instruments paired with her emotional lyrics and unique tone paint a vivid picture of her world. Her start into music was as a classical pianist but she later dove into singing after moving to Montreal. The culture of the city and its genuine appreciation for art helped her make the decision to be a full time artist and she hasn’t looked back since. Her highly anticipated new single “Daydreamer” explores her imaginative side which is highlighted in her playful visual set to be released soon. The up-and-coming artist is set to release her debut project “Green,” produced by Junia-T and Mark James, in summer 2024.

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